Types of Smart Parking Solutions

06 March 2022
Agboakiosime Imoudu


What is Smart Parking?

In a nutshell, smart parking is a technology-enabled solution that uses sensors and wireless communication to help drivers find open parking spaces. The sensors detect when a car occupies or leaves a parking spot and then send information about the spot’s availability to a centralized management system. This system can then relay the information to drivers looking for parking via an app or other interface.

Types of Smart Parking Solutions

There are many different types of smart parking solutions, and the one that is best for a given city will depend on its specific needs and constraints. Some systems use cameras to detect when a car has left a spot, while others rely on sensors embedded in the pavement. Here are three common types;

Counter System

These systems are often found in enclosed parking garages. Counter systems usually have a gate that allows cars to go in and out. They are called “counter” systems because they count the number of cars that have parked in a given space. 

Smart parking solutions

Overhead Parking Sensors

Overhead parking systems use sensors or cameras mounted on lampposts to detect when a car has parked. These systems are often called “overhead” or “ultrasonic” systems because they use ultrasound waves to detect cars. They can be useful in large garages where they monitor many spaces at the same time rather than one. 

Ground Sensors

This type of smart parking system uses sensors embedded in the concrete to detect when a car has parked. Ground systems have been in use for a long time. They make use of radar technology and can be useful in small spaces. 

You can find more information on these types of smart parking solutions and many others at https://simplyture.com/.

Smart parking is a great solution for cities that are facing challenges with parking availability and congestion. The technology can help to optimize parking resources, making it easier and faster for drivers to find a spot. It can also improve traffic flow and reduce emissions from cars circling looking for a space.

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